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Below you will find a list of items that we 'need' on the OSDev wiki. They are divided in specific categories. Feel free to add a new item to the list if you would like more information on a specific topic.

If you want to help the wiki out or have some spare time, feel free to log in and add information about any of the requested topics or help maintain the wiki.

Urgent (High Priority)

  • Program Loading/Running (e.g. ELF)
  • Link versus load addresses.
  • Newer Hardware
  • STARTUP IPI driver interface dedicated page
  • How does one make or implement one?
  • Loadable/Unloadable drivers.
  • How is DMA, bus, ... access done using a consistent driver interface?
  • The Database of Knowledge
  • Scan the forums for (huge) posts from Brendan/(Com)buster/Solar/... and somehow transfer their knowledge to the wiki.

Less Urgent (Normal Priority)

  • Information regarding missing file systems (see the above link: ext3, ext4, UDF, exFAT, ...).
  • How to implement a journaling file system.
  • Virtual File Systems: Information about directory caches.
  • An AML reference
  • More information on AML
  • How to parse
  • Where found
  • How to use

Not Very Urgent (Low Priority)

  • How to create a complete microkernel from scratch (IPC, process management, but not necessarily drivers).
  • Benefits of using virtio (and let the host take care of the rest)
  • Subsystems (nic, block, console, 9P etc.)
  • PCI discover (Vendor id: 0x1AF, Device id: 0x103F)
  • Device initialization
  • Setting up virtio in QEMU/KVM/other


  • Stubs: Pages that exist, but are in need of expansion or merely have placeholder information.
  • In Progress: Pages that might need some help getting finished.
  • Wanted Pages: Pages that are referenced within other wiki pages but don't exist.
  • Wanted categories: Categories that are referenced within other wiki pages but don't exist.
  • Unused categories: Categories that are completely empty.
  • Orphaned pages: Pages that are not yet referenced by any other wiki page (they are on the wiki, but no other page links to them).
If you created a new page you can add it to the relevant expanded Main page templates, or even to the categorized main page if it concerns an important or wide range of topics.