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Getting edit permissions

To prevent spam, this wiki does not allow anonymous edits. If you would like to edit this wiki, please sign up.

Trying out features

You can use the sandbox to experiment with MediaWiki syntax. You can also make pages underneath your username, just click on your name on the top menu. You can read more about the editing features: Wikipedia Editing Help.

Starting a new page

New pages can be started by following a link to a non-existent page which leads to an edit page. Users are encouraged to start new articles while paying close attention to the overall organization of the OSDev Wiki.

When creating a new article, you should bear in mind that:

  • The title that you choose is important, as this will be the title of your new article.
  • Un-doing mistakes is rarely easier than avoiding them, so it is always a good idea to do a little homework first.
  • If you just want to experiment, use the sandbox first.

Editing features

Interwiki links

You can create interwiki links to Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Article name|Link title]]. You can create links to forums: [[forum:8|OSDev Wiki Forum]], or to a forum topic: [[topic:17323|Topic on OSDev logos]].

Signing discussions

When writing in the Discussion Tab on the wiki you can sign it with your name and a timestamp using four tildes (~), like this: -- ~~~~

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