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Due to concerns about the quality of pages on this wiki, it was decided to introduce flagged revisions. There are presently a large number of low quality pages and pages with inaccurate information, as well as a general lack of citations. This feature allows certain users (see Help:Group rights) to flag revisions as "spot checked", "accurate", and "well sourced". This is intended to keep track of which pages are up to the standards of quality, accuracy, and verifiability (which are yet to be formulated). Revisions are marked as "spot checked", if they fulfill the bare minimum, and can be displayed to visitors in their current state. If a page has a flagged revision, the latest flagged revision (the stable revision) is shown by default, rather than the very latest revision. The flags "accurate" and "well sourced" are fairly self-explanatory. Currently all pages are unchecked, but that should change over time.

This is all in addition to the recent edits patrol mechanism included in core MediaWiki. This feature allows certain users to mark recent changes as "patrolled". This is intended for people to catch obviously bad edits, such as vandalism or spam, that should be quickly reverted, and so people can do this cooperatively, i.e. not need to patrol an edit that has already been patrolled by someone else.